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Exchange Mangement console shows error “the ws-management service cannot process the request, the system load quota of 1000 request per 2 seconds has been exceeded” when you open it

When you open Exchange Management Console , it refuse to load and shows the following error “The WS-Management service cannot process the request. The user load quota of 1000 requests per Z seconds has been exceeded. Send future requests at a slower rate or raise the quota for this user. The next request from this user will not be approved for at least Z milliseconds”

after search, an IISRESET or IISRESET /NOFORCE just solved my probelm and i could browse the Exchange Management Console normally


Disable “Automatically update e-mail addresses based on email address policy”

If you need to diable the “automatcially update e-mail addresses based on email address policy” option using powershell

1- For 1 user:
Set-mailbox  “MailboxAddress” -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $false

2- For the whole mailboxes:
Get-mailbox | Set-mailbox  $_.Identity -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $false

3- For some users within same OU:
Get-mailbox -OrganizationalUnit “OU name”| set-mailbox EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $false

4- For some users with the same domain name:
Get-mailbox -filter {EmailAddresses -like ‘*’} | Set-mailbox  $_.Identity -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $false

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