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Microsoft Announces New E5 Plan for Office 365

Microsoft announced a new premium Office 365 Enterprise Suite called E5 available to eligible partners and their customers by year end

The top seven features bundled into the forthcoming E5 suite include:
Skype for Business Meeting Broadcast
PSTN Conferencing, Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling
Power BI Pro
Delve Organizational Analytics
Customer Lockbox and Advanced Threat Protection.



Skype for Business Meeting Broadcast:

The highly anticipated Skype for Business Meeting Broadcast enables broadcast meetings for up to 10,000 participants. This is great for companies who communicate through town-hall, all-hands meetings, or need to make product or sales presentations. Attendees can join the meeting from a browser on nearly any device, as well as rewind, pause and resume playback based on his or her own schedule without affecting the broadcast.

PSTN Conferencing (US-based only):

PSTN conferencing will be available for U.S. based customers in the E5 bundle. PSTN conferencing allows people invited to a Skype for Business meeting via Office 365 to join by dialing-in using a landline or mobile phone

Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling:

Currently in preview for US-based Office 365 customers, cloud PBX with PSTN calling provides users the ability to make and receive traditional phone calls from their Skype for Business client. Calls may be managed using hold, resume, forward and transfer features found on traditional phones. This cloud-based service is built on proven Lync Server and Skype for Business Server technologies.


Power PI:

measures the health of your business through advanced data reporting and dashboards using natural query language.  Its Power Query, Power View and Tiling commands make Power BI a favorite with company CIOs, marketing heads and line of business users by effectively moving the power of data out of the server room and into the hands of on-demand, in-demand users.

Includes all the functionality of the free Power BI version plus additional data refresh and collaboration tools offering higher data-capacity and data-streaming limits.

New Power BI Pro features include creating and publishing customized content packs; sharing refreshable team dashboards and reports using groups; connecting on-premise data using Personal Gateways; and enabling live interactive connectivity to SQL Server Analysis Services


Delve Organizational Analytics:

Delve Organizational Analytics builds on the current Delve features and gives additional personalized insights from the most commonly utilized user data and coworker interactions. A dashboard has been added to measure, track and identify key trends such as frequently used team documents and leading team interactions.


Advanced Threat Protection:

Hardens subscriber email environments by blocking bulk email at the IP address level. The new service evaluates known bulk email offenders through advanced machine-learning identifiers, and then rates the reputation of a sender and frequency of mailing, thereby marking known spammers. Microsoft provides built-in safe lists and threshold levels for the administrator as well.


The real-time, time-of-click safe attachment protection scans each message, and,as described by Microsoft Office 365 security product manager Shobhit Sahay, creates a ‘detonation chamber’ that queries the URL for executables, registry calls or requesting access privileges.   Based on this analysis, the service can block the message via the ‘safe link’ and ‘safe attachment’ templates



Source: CDW Blog


  1. Amit says:

    can I share powerBI dashboards with external users?

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