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550 5.7.1 RESOLVER.RST.AuthRequired; authentication required

When you Send to DL in Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 , you recieve the error 550 5.7.1 RESOLVER.RST.AuthRequired; authentication required

By default Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 requires that a sender be authenticated before being able to successfully send to a distribution list. Consequently external users are unable to send emails to it.

1- From the properties of the distribution list in Exchange AD: Exchange General tab, Un-tick From authenticated users only
2- From the properties of the distribution list in Exchange Management Console: Mail-flow settings tab, Message Delivery Restrictions, un-tick Require that all senders are authenticated.


An old password still works after you change it in Outlook Web Access

Assume that a user changes their password in Outlook Web Access (OWA) in one of the following versions of Microsoft Exchange Server:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

In this case, you may notice a 15-minute period during which the user can log on to their mailbox by using either the old password or the new password. However, if the user uses a MAPI client (such as Microsoft Outlook) to access the mailbox or if the user tries to access other files and resources, the user is authenticated only if they use the new password.

This latency exists by design for Internet Information Services (IIS) performance reasons and is controlled by the following registry setting.
Warning   If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that you can solve problems that result from using Registry Editor incorrectly. Use Registry Editor at your own risk.

  1. Start Registry Editor (Regedt32.exe) on the server that is running IIS and through which the user gains access to OWA.
  2. Locate the following key in the registry:
  3. On the Edit menu, click Add Value, and then add the following registry value:
    Value Name:  UserTokenTTL   (Note This is case-sensitive!) Data Type:   REG_DWORD Value Range: 0 – 0x7FFFFFFF (Note This unit is in seconds.)
  4. Exit Registry Editor, and then restart IIS.
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